One Way Love

There is great power in listening to the stories of those who feel invisible.

Take a moment to experience life through different eyes. Empathy moves us to action.

Our mission

The bravery to acknowledge those in pain, the fortitude to empathize with the sorrow of others, and the audacity to take action when others hesitate.

Our goals

To be the people that youth can count on when everyone else has let them down.

Brianna's Loss

Brianna lost her mom at the age of 12 due to breast cancer and then, she lost her home. Bouncing from place to place, Brianna needed love and stability.

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Ariana's Story of Triumph

Ariana lost her father and was in a terribly abusive situation with her stepmother.

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Luvi made it to graduation

Whether it was food, gift cards, baskets, or goodie bags, he said it made him feel special. It meant the world just knowing someone out there cares for him. He is very thankful for One Way Love and the way they always made him feel like he wasn't alone.

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Denzel's Run

His family financial insecurity took away stability in the things most take for granted: a place to call home and food on the table. So many times Denzel made a choice no child should have to make, choosing to go hungry so that his mother could have something to eat.

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Take action

Become a volunteer, let your time, your talents, and your attention through one of our programs.

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Be a person that our youth can count on. Personal relationships are one of the greatest ways to give.

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