How One Way Love Ministries helps Abandoned Teens:

  • We meet the needs of abandoned teens that are still in school and wanting a better life.
  • They all have a different story. Some are couch surfers, live with friends; and some even have lived in the park.
  • We work alongside a counselor who lets us know the needs, and we do our best to meet them.
  • Outside of school lunches, they have no consistent food. We shop at Sam’s regularly to purchase food so they can easily eat on the go.
  • We help purchase blow up beds when needed.
  • We make baskets for every holiday filled with gift cards and goodies.
  • Knowing someone cares can make a difference between life and death. Meeting a need is more powerful than words. You are entering their suffering with the Love of Christ.
  • Our ultimate goal is to one day have a home, so no child is homeless in St. Tammany Parish.

Ways you can help:

The counselor suggested $5 and $10 gift cards from Walmart, fast food restaurants or Dollar Store. They can purchase food and personal items they may need. If you wish to purchase gift cards, please drop them off to:

Rosemary at Attractions Salon, 767 Robert Blvd., Slidell, LA

All monetary donations are tax deductible. Every dime spent is directed toward helping the teens to have a somewhat normal life. We sincerely appreciate any amount given.